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Transport packaging TUK-109 for storage and transport of SNF from RBMK-1000 reactors is designed for on-site SNF storage and transport  at NPP facilities.

According to IAEA, Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material, Safety Standards Series No.TS-R-1 it refers to type В (U).

TUK-109 consists of:

  • — storage packaging for SNF of RBMK-1000 reactors UKKh-109.Sb.00
  • — protective and damping casing (PDC) TUK-104.Sb.01

UKKh-109 during handling and storage at nuclear facilities refers to safety class 2 (qualifying designation 2H), in accordance with OPB 88/97 (PN AE G-01-011-97).

UKKh-109 provides for loading an empty basket or a basket with SNF into it, unloading of an empty basket or a basket with SNF into a fuel storage cell and (if necessary) reloading of a basket with SNF into the metal-concrete container  of another storage packaging.

PDC provides energy absorption of loads applied to UKKh-109 in emergency situations due to plasto-elastic deformation of PDC components.

UKKh-109 consists of:

  • — metal-concrete container  SM-644.Sb00;
  • — basket UKKh-109.Sb.02;
  • — A set of capsules for bundles of fuel element 1621-28-0007;
  • — a set of spare parts, tools and equipment for UKKh-109.Sb.83.

Spent nuclear fuel in the form of bundles of fuel elements is placed in individual metal capsules.

Manufacturing of TUK-109 (UKKh-109) is carried out with technical support from research institutes of Moscow and St. Petersburg: Open Joint Stock Company Special Design Bureau of Machine Building (OAO KBSM), FSUE Central Research Institute of Structural Materials (CNII KM) Prometey, Federal State Unitary Enterprise 26th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (CNII MO RF), Konstantinov Institute of Nuclear Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg.