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Transport packaging TUK-140 is designed for the safe transportation of SNF from VVER-440 nuclear power plant sites by public railroads in the horizontal position using special railway transport, as well as for temporary storage of TUK with SFA in the vertical position.

TUK-140 meets the requirements for Type B (U) package.

TUK-140 during handling and storage at nuclear facilities refers to safety class 3 (qualifying designation 3H), in accordance with OPB 88/97 (PN AE G 01-011-97).

TUK-140 provides for:

  • — Loading of SFA at a NPP, unloading of SFA at a radiochemical plant
  • — SFA transport by rail, road and water transport;
  • — SFA storage at a repository or storage sites.

TUK-140 consists of:

  • — radiation-shielding container
  • — top and bottom dampers;
  • — basket.

Design service life is 50 years.