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Transport packaging TUK-109T AT749 is designed for railway transportation of conditioned spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants with RBMK-1000 reactors for storage in a centralized repository for spent nuclear fuel.

For the transportation spent fuel assemblies (SFA) are cut into fuel element bundles (FEB) and placed into individual metal capsules

TUK-109T is designed to ensure safe transport of SNF from RBMK-1000 reactors and safe conduct of handling operations.

TUK-109T AT749 consists of:

  • — container АТ749.10.000;
  • — top damper АТ749.20.000;
  • — bottom damper АТ749.30.000;
  • — basket АТ749.60.000;
  • — a set of tools and auxiliary equipment АТ749.100;
  • — a set of spare parts АТ749.200;
  • — a set of hoisting devices АТ749.300;

Design service life is 50 years.<.p>